my mum gave me this last year...and I totally forgot about it...oh noooooo and its soooo cute

but this year I am sooo keen to see how it works and what is going to happen =) 


1.   inside of the ecocube are seeds and special developmentally pellets
2.   unwrap the cube and remove the sticker on top


 3.   fill in 30 ml of water...carefully

4.   place the cube at a bright and warm place in your flat and water regularly
5.   after 10-14 days the christmastree starts to grow
6.   after 8 month you can plant the cube in your garden or somewhere else outside - the cube composts slowly and will be a valuable fertilizer for the tree

i started yesterday...first I wanted to begin growing the tree at 1st of december but I really want to decorate it a little around christmas time =D
thats why I decided to start today

can´t wait until the tree begins to spring
I will definitely keep you current ;) 

you can buy them online
for example at


  1. I bought one for my husband this Christmas, I can't wait to see how big the tree will be by next year :)) good luck with yours. Merry Christmas and have a super New year

    1. thank you and have a looooot of fun with your little´ll take some time until they´ll be actual trees ;)
      let me know how it goes ;)
      I hope you had a lovely christmas and of cause a very happy new year to you too =D


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