The reading challenge - No.16 - a book you own but never read

Guess what...I am also back into reading and reviewing.
So I made 16 out of 50...that is pretty poor...honestly :( I hope I have a lot of time to maybe make 20
I really should start reading books with less that 500 pages ;) hahaha
I also decided to makes this a book for two categories...I know its kind of cheating, but...I really want to feel a little less like a looser ;) hihihi
so also the category for a book published this year ;) sorry

Well the book I am reviewing today is an amazing one and a new addition to my favourites list.
The category was -A book by an author I love- and for this I chose Lori Nelson Spielman and her book Sweet Forgiveness.

pic source

And omg how amazing is this!!!
I could ramble hours about how much I loved The Life List, her first book and this one is a very good following story.

pic source

Basically the story is about the forgiveness stones and those craze the nation. They come in a little instantly recognizable pouch together with a chain letter and two simple requests: to forgive and then to seek forgiveness.
The main charakter in the story a a young woman and talk show host from New Orleans, Hannah Farr. She receives those stones from a very old "friend" from school, Fiona Knowles, who is actually creator of the stones. Intensely private and dating the mayor, Hannah has kept her own pouch of forgiveness Stones hidden for two years, together with her dark past concealed for nearly 20 years.  But when Fiona appears an Hannah´s show, everything changes and Hannah´s life turns upside down.

Don´t want to say more ;) now spoilers as usual ;)
It gets really rough and exciting so many new people and getting rid of old ones
Just amazing...I mean...I cried...honestly real tears!

10 out of 10 - nothing more to say
and a 100% must read for every girl ;) not too sure about you boys out there ;) hahaha

Next book?
I chose Rumo by Walter Moers.
I have this book now for such a long time...I can´t even remember when I bought it ;)

pic source

The book is originally in german, but you can get it in english
Rumo and his miraculous adventures.

I already read a few book by this author and I liked them all so here comes Rumo. I already started it and its amazing so far :)

Have you read those books? And what do you think of them?
I am getting back to reading now and how you have a wonderful day :)


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